The Museum of Commerce is a perpetual experiment and a shape-shifting work of art. It explores a range of communities, venues, durations and scales bringing people into, onto or through the work. Often recycling itself, the Museum champions adaptation and overlap over competition, division, reduction, isolation and completion. The passage of time is as important as any singular encounter. Change develops as the influence of particular individuals, forces from the local environment, new potential, culture and politics act upon the previous installation. The Museum was founded in 2005 with a full scale portal, wearable “All Access Pass” sculptures and a web-address. Over the course of many installations, layers of smaller works (including hundreds of plastic sculptures, bags, shirts, photos and posters) were given away, left for discovery in the public realm or sold for prices up to $25.

2014-2008 “The Watcher Files Project” (Garrick Imitani and Kaia Sand) Portland OR, “Pollination” (Curated by Jongil Ma) Gallery Korea NYC, “Museum of Commerce/Sari Carel” (with Eric L egris) La Mama La Galleria NYC, “Bazaar” Soloway Brooklyn NY, “Artisan Fair” Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn NY, “Defunct Market Place” Hanson Place, Brooklyn NY, “Experience Economies” (For Mary Walling Blackburn’s Tutorials) The Lab, Boston MA, “Incident 46” (with Pilar Conde) Incident Report, Hudson NY, “Projections” (Curated by John Pearson), Romer Young Gallery, San Francisco CA, “Rehearsal Sculpture” (Ohad Meromi Exhibition), Art in General NYC, “Surf Movie Night”, (Curated by Christopher James) Mandrake, Los Angeles CA, “Radical Citizenship” (Curated by Mary Walling Blackburn) Hunter College NYC, “Tracing Chaos” (Curated by “The Modeling Agency”) Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla CA, MFA Exhibition (Bard College) Annandale-on-Hudson NY, “Front Street Mini Mall” DUMBO, Brooklyn NY, “Museum of Commerce/Lukas Geronimas” (Curated by Jess Wilcox) Wassaic Project NY, “The Fuzzy Set” LAXART, Los Angeles CA, “On the Streets” (Public Plastic Invasion) NYC.

X-TRA "Tracing Chaos" article

A few iterations, details and interactions are pictured below.